Ethereum Wallet for Opera Users: New Feature to Promote Adaptation

Android users of the Internet browser Opera can now look forward to the integration of a wallet for Ethereum. This was announced by the company on 13 December at Hard Fork Decentraliced in London. This makes tangible what the company calls “Web 3.0”: Blockchain, crypto currencies and DLT solutions.

With Opera, Android smartphone users will be able to access an integrated wallet about Ethereum’s Ether.

Cryptosoft should make the often criticized complexity of handling crypto currencies much easier:

“We support Android smartphone users with an innovative cryptosoft browser that gives them the ability to experience Web 3 seamlessly: I’d like to invite all tech enthusiasts who may have heard of Blockchain, but haven’t experienced it yet, to try it with our new browser and Web 3. We made it very easy. We hope that this step will accelerate the transition from crypto currencies from speculation and investment to actual payments and transactions in the daily lives of our users, says Krystian Kolondra, EVP at Opera in a press release.

Adaptation through simplified application

What the company’s vice president is talking about is actually a hurdle that has held back the mainstream adaptation of Bitcoin and Co. so far: their application. Meanwhile, it still seems much easier for users to pay by card or in cash. However, the combination of crypto wallet and smartphone should make this easier in the future. Initially, the Wallet only supports Ethereum, other crypto currencies are also planned:

“We decided to support Ethereum because it has the largest community of developers who build Dapps and have developed a lot of dynamism. Opera supports the Ethereum Web3 API, which makes interaction with Dapps smooth for the user. We believe that at some point all browsers will integrate a kind of wallet that will allow new business models to be developed on the web,

says Charles Hamel, product manager at Opera.

Joseph Lubin, Ethereum co-founder, is also enthusiastic.
Joseph Lubin, co-founder of Ethereum, sees this as an important step:

“It’s an important step for one of the world’s leading browsers to add an Ethereum-based crypto-wallet and Dapp-Explorer, and it speaks for Opera’s innovative roots and commitment to using next-generation technology. We see this as an important moment in improving Dapps accessibility, opening Web3 to the mainstream audience, and encouraging developers to build on Ethereum.”

Maybe the Ethereum course (ETH) will work again with the increasing adaptation. This is currently just under 86 US dollars per ether.

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